Glenn Deneve – The Abstract Artist



Deneve’s Art is fueled by personal experiences and everything that you might think, do or desire.  He expresses words through art and art into being. His work holds deep meaning and are very relatable to people’s emotions and desires. His personal craft holds such meaning that with every detail, comes define meanings behind the art. The stories behind his art always resonates with his audience and this inspires him even more as his aim is to bring happiness with his work.

“Every painting I create is done with the intention of providing the viewer with joy and happiness. Each painting reflects my love of life and nature.” Glenn said.

Glenn was born in Bruges, Belgium. His parents were both artistic and influential to him early on in the world of art, so it is no surprise that their profound impact on him made him become fascinated and inspired with art at a very young age.

From childhood Glenn was drawn to the United States and the creative vibe of California. In 1997 Glenn moved to Los Angeles, CA to pursue his dreams.

Glenn’s exploration of bright colors and textures is integral to the process he has developed and used over the years. He gets inspired by the beautiful colors of nature and the reflection of sunlight on the tall buildings in Los Angeles. His work is characterized in a combination of acrylic paint, different mediums, watercolors and ink on either canvas, paper or wooden frames.

Over time Glenn’s work appealed to private clients and collectors in the U.S, and Europe. A well renowned architect from Basel in Switzerland commissioned Glenn to make 25 unique pieces to be placed in the most prestigious residences.

Most recently, Eli and Edythe Broad acquired a painting of his for their private residence.

He is currently working on 15 pieces for a new house in Bel Air, and on commisioned pieces for several private clients until mid 2016. Glenn currently resides in Beverly Hills, California.






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