Anthony Ricciardi -Life of a Contemporary Artist



Anthony Ricciardi is not your typical artist, he’s motivated by purpose, destiny and himself to say the least. Having his first art exhibition earlier this month was everything he had hope it to be, and contrary  to everything this only proved that it’s within in art lies,  somewhere hidden In all his paintings.

So who is the man behind the art?

Born in 1991, the Toronto-born artist and entrepreneur has been embracing art since a young age through his fascination with the expressive, emotional nature found in tactile elements of art composition. With a knack for polychromatic mixing, his audience is fascinated by his inability to accurately see colours from beingcolourblind.

Finessing his craftsmanship and knack for visual storytelling Ricciardi began painting on a larger scale post-graduation from Alabama State University where he spent 5 years studying finance and playing baseball. Under the roof of his 70-year-old backyard greenhouse, featured in a 2015 Forbes article on contemporary studio spaces, he turns his realities into art. A king of his own heart and catcher of his dreams, Ricciardi is constantly taking artistic risks without compromising his tell-tale style.

He’s created original pieces for artists, from Toronto rapper Kardinal Offishall to luxury shoe designer Jon Buscemi, and has works housed in various studios and condos across the city, most recently a signature abstract piece in the new Concord Adex Park Place Condo development lobby. Opening up a world of colour and interpretation for his viewers, he lets personal experience shape our present state of mind

Through dedication, without the concept of colour, Ricciardi reconnects the disconnects of life’s realities by taking spectators out of their mundane reality at a time where technology leads our lives. Ricciardi allows his audience to take a step forward and explore the relationship between art and memorable feelings through open interpretation.

​Every piece, with its harmonious layer of colour, presents an energetic fresh new story to every viewer that interprets it. 

Below are some of Ricciardi’s finest pieces, for more you can visit







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