Who Was Kimbo Slice?



Like myself  a lot of you didn’t know who Kimbo Slice was, well saying the pictures I instantly recalled seeing the bearded athlete in the ring. The very intimidating street fighter who parlayed his very own internet popularity my a margin to his own advantage. His popular surpass his street boy creds into a mixed martial arts career and worldwide fame, on June 6, 2016 he was pronounced dead. He was 42.

Slice, whose real name was Kevin Ferguson, was rushed to a hospital in Margate, Florida, not too far from his home Monday, Coral Springs Police Sgt. Carla Kmiotek said in an interview.

Slice’s longtime manager Mike Imber, confirmed his death on Monday.

“We lost our brother today,” Imber said in a text message to The Associated Press.

The cause of death unclear. Kmiotek said there is no active police investigation, and no foul play is suspected.

Born in the Bahamas and brought up in the Miami area, Kimbo was a strip club bouncer and bodyguard who began competing in unsanctioned street fights in 2003. Videos of his violent knockout victories in those bouts became wildly popular online, both for Slice’s raw punching power and his distinctive, intimidating appearance

I didn’t know Kimbo Slice,  Did you? And did he ever influenced you in any way?